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O2a-Autoadesivos S.A. was founded in 1995 in Portugal and its mission was to promote  the use of adhesives, always offering the best and most appropriate solutions to market needs. In 2001 the company obtained the ISO 9001/2000 certification, amending and strengthening its commercial position as the leading wholesaler in the national market. In 2004, predicting market changes, O2a invested in the automotive and construction sectors. General investments were focused on cutting and adhesive covering technologies.

In 2005 O2a started an internationalization program through foundation of a foam and other soft materials processing plant in Poland, "O2a Polska Sp. z o.o.". This is a highly ambitious project with a main objective focused on conquering the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and becoming the leading manufacturing and wholesaler of self-adhesive products in this area within the next 5 years. O2a Polska has already proved to be a trustworthy and responsible partner. The main advantage is that it can offer consistently high quality goods and services at very competitive prices. Along with flexibility and efficiency O2a Polska is constantly working on supplying clients solutions “cut to their needs”.

Being always alert to customers and market needs O2a decided to go a step ahead and as a consequence in January 2009 “O2a-Soluções de Embalagem” (O2a-Packaging Solutions) was founded. Knowing that it is not only important to produce an excellent product and find appropriate customers, but also to guarantee that it will reach its final destination in perfect shape and condition,  O2a has a wide range of products divided into 3 main areas:
Inner Packaging, Outer Packaging and Accessories.
With a team of experts who have more than 8 years of experience of working in the packaging business, O2a is the best partner to help you to understand and develop the best solution for your specific needs.


O2a is specialized in the production of sound insulation,sealing, thermo insulation and protective elements for automotive, white goods, electronics, building industry and others. The products are converted fro m various types of fabrics, foams, rubbers, pp sheets and other materials.


Our important competitive advantage is that we possess and constantly developed material and our technical knowledge. We have a modern machine plant, professional staff, the ability to produce in a 3 shift system and our own transport network. Our experience has firmly convinced us that the quality and level of our products and services completely satisfies our clients.

A solid base has been created, now we must continue to work with the same determination, integrating different cultures, attitudes and capabilities, in search of the best opportunities that the European market offers.  Without ever forgetting our past and our goal that is to satisfy the needs of our customers, today we concentrate on improvement of relations with all our trading partners, welfare of all employees and the sense of social responsibility.

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