Packaging Your Needs


Converting Your Needs

Die cutting 

Die cutting is a manufacturing process used to generate large numbers of the same shape products like sound and thermo insulation, vibration control, distancing and protecting elements, spacers, gaskets, seals and many others. Named products can  be produced from raw materials like felts, fabrics, cork, various kinds of foams and rubbers, composites, bitumen etc.

Our technical department is always focused on designing the most cost efficient and waste minimizing dies by nesting your products in the most optimal way.




 Kiss-cutting is a process that cuts adhesive-backed parts in roll form, leaving the parts on a continuous release liner. This makes it easier to handle and transport additionally minimizing possibility of damage during shipment. Products like gaskets, seals, spacers and many others can be produced with this high speed and repeated accuracy die-cutting technique. Foams, Velcros, fabrics, rubbers, papers and others raw materials can be converted this way.



With a lathe slitter

With a lathe slitter, rolls of tapes are cut to a finished width from a rewound “log roll” of a pre-determined length of material. Lathe-slitting is a converting process to cut a full range and width of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes rolls. Those are mainly used as seals, electrical insulation tapes, masking tapes etc. Popular convertible materials are PVC, vinyl, paper and others.



Using adhesive transfer

Using adhesive transfer equipment converted materials can be delivered  as a self-adhesive products, that makes final usage and application much easier and time-saving. Various types of adhesive covers can be offered on request and in case none of those will meet clients expectations, custom made solution is considered.



Custom printed tape

Custom printed tape can be a reasonable alternative for costly printed carton boxes and turn it into highly visual promotional tool. Additionally printed tapes can be used for identification, informational or warning purposes. Our company is offering printing in up to 4 different colors at the same time on the following types of tapes: PP, PVC, paper. Additionally various kinds of technical tapes are available upon request.



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